Aluminium Jacks

Orione Hydropower has a wide collection of single-acting aluminum jacks available in plain ram and threaded ram with a safety lock nut and spring return.



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Aluminium Jacks - Plain/ Threaded Ram, Single Acting, Spring Return

We are one of the leading aluminum jack suppliers in India, supplying these products to a variety of sectors in different sizes and models. Our hydraulic jacks are widely appreciated for their ease of operation, long operational life, and high efficiency. 

An aluminum jack refers to a hydraulic lifting device primarily composed of aluminum materials. Designed for lifting vehicles such as cars and trucks, these jacks are favored for their lightweight yet durable construction. The use of aluminum in their fabrication makes them easier to maneuver and transport compared to their steel counterparts. Despite their lighter weight, aluminum jacks are engineered to provide robust lifting capabilities, often with a high weight capacity.

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Higher capacity and customized solutions on request. Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

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We provide top-quality aluminum hydraulic jacks that are made from the highest-grade raw materials, making them extremely durable. Our aluminium jack is intended for heavy-duty applications and allows the operator to access low-level work locations.

Orione Hydropower has a reputation for delivering high-quality products. We have established ourselves as one of the top alumiunm jack manufacturers in India. Our dedication to precision engineering, innovation, and customer satisfaction has positioned it at the forefront of the market, making it a trusted choice for those seeking reliable and efficient aluminium hydraulic jacks in India.

Applications Of Aluminium Jacks

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

All basic features include:
  • Construction Sector 
  • Power and Process Plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automotive Repair
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Farm Equipment Maintenance
Features Of Aluminium Jacks

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

Applications areas where our product used:
  • 50% lighter than steel jack with 5000 duty cycles
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical use
  • Ideal for general lifting applications
  • All sub-assemblies anodized
  • Optional base mounting holes 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Less prone to damage


We have the required engineering and application knowledge & skill to develop and manufacture high quality result oriented customized solutions, combined with user friendly, safe and reliable products for the past 30 years.


Aluminium General Purpose Jacks - Plain Ram, Single Acting, Spring Return


  • Capacity 30 - 200 ton
  • Stroke 150 mm
  • Max. Working Pressure 700 bar
  • P-Plain ram
  • S-Spring return