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We are pleased to introduce "Orione Hydropower" as one of the reputed brands that deal in hydraulic tools and equipment such as high-pressure hydraulic jacks, nut splitters, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic pullers, bolt tensioners, and many more. 

Since its establishment in 2003, the Company has gained a huge customer base by excelling in application solutions, timely delivery of hydraulic products, and providing exceptional after-sales service for our products across various industries including machine tools, steel plants, cement plants, process industries, construction sector, and serving as an OEM supplier.

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With years of expertise in engineering and application, we possess the necessary skills to create and produce tailored solutions that prioritize high-quality results. Our hydraulic tools and equipment are not only user-friendly but also ensure safety and reliability.
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Quality Assurance

As a highly quality-conscious firm, we are dedicated to upholding stringent quality control measures as per international standards. From raw material procurement to the final stage of manufacturing, every stage of our operations is thoroughly monitored by our quality experts.


Our Infrastructure

We have established a state-of-the-art infrastructure in alignment with current architectural standards to ensure the seamless execution of trade tasks. Within our organization, a dedicated design team meticulously creates blueprints and plans for products. The manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge machines and tools to facilitate the efficient production of the entire product range.


Our Team

cornerstone of our achievements. Their devotion has enabled us to create and export an exceptional range of hydraulic equipment, satisfying the market's ever-increasing needs. These experts, each an expert in their respective fields, bring years of industry expertise with them. We prioritize their continuous development, providing comprehensive training throughout the year to ensure they seamlessly embrace the latest technologies in our industry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the capacity range of your hydraulic jacks?

Our hydraulic jacks come in a diverse capacity range, from 5 tons to 2000 tons. Whether your lifting requirements are light or heavy-duty, we have customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our hydraulic jacks offer versatile stroke options, ranging from 52mm to 300mm. This flexibility allows you to choose the appropriate stroke length based on the unique demands of your lifting applications. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the perfect fit for your projects.

The hydraulic jacks are powered by a robust 700-bar power pack. If your project requires specific pressure considerations, we can customize our hydraulic jacks to align with your precise requirements. Our commitment to providing tailor-made solutions guarantees the perfect hydraulic jack for your application.

Orione Hydropower

Why Choose Us?

We cater to the diverse needs of various industries with our precision-engineered equipment. Our firm has advanced resources that we utilize to execute seamless business operations. Going a step ahead, we offer customization services for our products at no additional cost. This approach helps us become top manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic jacks and components in the market. Here are some reasons to choose us for hydraulic systems:

  • Flexible and easy payment modes.
  • Timely delivery and vast distribution network.
  • We offer budget-friendly solutions with premium quality.
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