Hollow Hydraulic Jack

A hollow hydraulic jack is a device designed to lift heavy loads by applying force through the use of hydraulic pressure.



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Hollow Hydraulic Jack - Plain Ram, Single Acting and Double-Acting

What sets it apart is its hollow construction, featuring a cylindrical chamber in its center. These jacks have holes in the piston and rod's center. They are used for pulling and pushing forces in applications like tensioning, testing, stressing, or lifting weights using a threaded rod. 

Orione Hydropower is one of the best hollow hydraulic jack manufacturers in India, providing these jacks in various types and models. Our one type is Hollow ram jacks plain ram With a single return mechanism. They just need hydraulic pressure to expand the piston and retract automatically when the pressure is released. Our other type is a double-acting, plain ram hollow ram jacks with a hollow plunger that enables push and pull forces. Because of the hydraulic pressure on both sides of the plunger, they retract more quickly and precisely.

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Higher capacity and customized solutions on request. Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

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Discover Our Superior Range of Hollow Hydraulic Jacks

The capacity range of hollow hydraulic jacks is 10 to 200 tonnes, and the stroke range is 50 to 300 mm. They have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar, collar threads, base mounting holes, a safety valve, a dust seal ring, a wiper seal ring, and a coupler half-set with a dust cap.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your hydraulic and hardware equipment requirements. We are one of the most reliable hollow hydraulic jack suppliers in India, offering a wide variety of high-quality equipment, with a tradition of excellence extending back several decades. We focus all of our efforts on meeting clients' expectations by offering them high-quality products and exceptional services that meet their needs. Furthermore, in order to maintain good customer relations, we adhere to moral business practices and absolute openness in all of our dealings.

Features Of Hollow Hydraulic Jack

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

All basic features include:
  • Equipped with mechanical accessories
  • Handling gears and flanges in machinery applications.
  • Anchorage / Re-bar Testing
  • Threaded studs & saddle are optional
  • Made with quality materials
  • Designed for the extraction and installation of bearing bushes, pins, cylinder liners, pulling tubes from heat exchangers
Applications Of Hollow Hydraulic Jack

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

Applications areas where our product used:
  • Pile Load Testing
  • Post Tensioning
  • Cable Splicing
  • Bolt Tensioning 
  • Shaft Extraction
  • Cable or Rod Installation
  • Bridge and Building Construction


We have the required engineering and application knowledge & skill to develop and manufacture high quality result oriented customized solutions, combined with user friendly, safe and reliable products for the past 30 years.


Hollow Ram Jack - Plain Ram, Double Acting, Oil Return


  • Capacity 10 - 150 ton
  • Stroke 50 - 150 mm /
  • Max. Working Pressure 700 bar
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